Tenerife - How to buy a house with complete peace of mind

I reflect what is already mentioned in my guide and I will try to improve the information. Making an investment in Tenerife is certainly interesting. It must be clear what it is and why you want to invest in the first place. We understand what we want to do with our money, we allow real estate consultants like me, who seek and offer some of the best solutions tailored to their needs.


Let's see the steps to get the clearest ideas:

you have a very clear budget
be willing to invest to "know"
be very clear about the type of investment (profitability or living space)
Visiting the various areas of interest for us (in this case the consultant is very useful)
Explore and find a serious consultant
The "acquisition" phase begins
take note of all the necessary documents

If we see the points one by one:

This point is crucial, it allows you to understand the steps to follow, the areas to choose, the type of structure
This point is important, according to the survey, the tours of the area, the meetings with professionals
Knowing what and why you want to buy is essential for professionals / consultants to find the best solution.
It is part of point 2 and it is important to understand "where" we are, the present and the history, the past and the future of the place of our investment.
This part is more difficult, but if you ask the right questions, we come to understand who we face. In an area like the Canary Islands, it is important to work with real professionals.
At this point, chosen by the professional / consultant, the acquisition begins
Sometimes the data is hidden, the documents delivered sometimes hide important information, especially in Tenerife and some more than in other areas. The collection of information and documents is the crux of the control capacity. Inform and be informed. At this point, all I have to tell you is ... "good buy" ... And logically, contact us and try it, it won't cost you anything at the first meeting and you can ask for what you need.

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